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Diplomacy in New France

Vincent Gagnon |3 novembre 2022

What was the lifestyle of the settlers in New France? Did you know that there was a Governor General whose main function was diplomacy?

At the same time, the Huron-Wendat lived in clans in longhouses. Students will learn about the importance of diplomatic relations between the governors and Huron-Wendat chiefs. Discover: 1. Roles of the Governor General and Sovereign Council 2. Importance of diplomacy and diplomatic relations with First Nations 3. French settlers’ way of life in the 18th century 4. Longhouse lifestyle and relationships based on exchange.

Photo : Jean-François Frenette / ©Parks Canada / Saint-Louis Forts and Châteaux National Historic Site

In partnership with Huron-Wendat Museum


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Diplomacy in New France

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2022-11-03 13:15
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