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The mathematics of music

Vincent Gagnon et Marie-Claude Codsi |24 janvier 2023

Meet Adam Johnson to demystify the concert and the conductor's profession. 

This activity is offered to all groups registered for the January 30-31 and February 1-2, 2023 concerts at the Maison symphonique de Montréal.

Please note that your students can submit questions for Adam Johnson in advance (send questions to:

A selection of questions will be chosen during the workshop (based on the volume received). 

An educational guide related to the concert is available on the concert page: 

Equipment required: No musical instruments are required for this activity.

Person responsible of the activity: please contact Marie-Claude Codsi (

  • Video conferencing platform used: Teams
  • Registered classes will receive a link the day before the event. No further email confirmation will be sent;
  • Activity registration end date : January 23, 2023

Image : Geneviève L'Heureux OSM

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The mathematics of music

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