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Nocturnal animals - BATS 23-24

Vincent Gagnon |30 novembre 2023

Bat: Hello, my name is Brunette. I am a little brown bat who lives in northern Canada. I am one of 19 species of bats that live in Canada.

Can you find your food in the dark?
Bat: I can hunt my food in the dark.

And you, do you like eating spiders? Aren't you?
Bat: I like eating spiders and mosquitoes just like you.

Bats are very interesting mammals. Come learn more about some species that are found close to your region. 

Join Helen to learn more about owls and bats.

@Parcs Canada TNO -  @Parc national Wood Buffalo - @ Réserve de parc national Nahanni

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Nocturnal animals - BATS

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2023-11-30 13:15
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