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Nocturnal animals - OWLS 23-24

Vincent Gagnon |18 octobre 2023

Owl : Hello, my name is Sophia. Sophia the owl. What kind of owl am I? Have you seen me close to your house? Did you know I am a bird of prey? When I fly, I make no noise at all. Do you know why? I have more then one trick up my feathers, so join me to learn more about owls that are found in Canada. 

When I wake up, I eat.
When I see little preys, I eat.
When I fly at night, I eat.
When I use echolocation, I eat.
When I want to communicate, I make some Hou! Hou! Hou! Hou!

Join Helen to learn more about owls.

@Parcs Canada TNO -  @Parc national Wood Buffalo - @ Réserve de parc national Nahanni

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Nocturnal animals - OWLS

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2023-10-18 13:15
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