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Iteration, a key to innovation!

Denise LeBlanc |9 avril 2024

Take on the challenge, create a prototype, iterate it, and pitch it!

Iteration: One of the Keys to Innovation

Making something new and innovative is rarely over and done in one go. Many versions are often needed before a goal is achieved. Because this can be frustrating and demoralizing for students, we propose reframing this part of the design process.

Instead of using terms such as “failure” or “trial-and-error,” we will introduce students to the term iteration

In an iterative approach, every attempt, every design tweak, and every new material reflects a “what if” mindset. When setbacks are no longer viewed as mistakes, experimentation can lead to new knowledge — to be used now or for a later project — all of which becomes part of a student’s learning outcomes. 

This shift in approach can help students take more risks. In addition to experiencing obstacles within a positive setting, they will also be reconnecting with the playful aspects of creativity. 

This program celebrates the concept of iteration by inviting students to create a practical prototype. We will challenge them to tackle a problem-based design project that addresses one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015.

This workshop will activate various aspects of the digital competency framework through a project aimed at learning by making. The project is similar to those carried out in a makerspace, but does not require access to that type of set up. 

By the end of the session students will have: 

  • Built a rough prototype reflecting their idea. 
  • Created an original pitch or advertisement to present their idea, which will be uploaded onto the Padlet.

Please refer to the documents provided to help you run these periods.
You can print the timeline showing the sequence of activities by CLICKING HERE, or view it below.


Sequence of work sessions for this activity

Work Sessions

Iteration, a key to innovation! : Design challenge

Date & time :
2024-04-09 13:30
Type of work sessions :


Following a quick interactive icebreaking activity to spark a creative mindset, we will present your students with their challenge and the two expected outcomes. Emphasizing the importance of prototyping, we will review the Design Thinking Process and provide students with a journal in which they can document their initial plans, thoughts, breakthroughs, and various iterations.

With one of the Museum’s curators, we will then look at artifacts from the Museum’s collection that were either made as prototypes, or could have used some additional iterations before production.

Iteration, a key to innovation! : Presenting and assessing the Design Challenge

Date & time :
2024-05-08 13:30
Type of work sessions :


In the second Museum-animated session, we will reflect upon the prototype-making sessions using the design thinking process, looking at what went well (or not so well), skills tested, and things they might have done differently. We will also reflect upon how students feel about the iterative approach. We will then highlight a few of the pitches prepared by the teams. The session will conclude with an interactive activity based on some vintage advertisements.

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